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The collective works together with a unified vision on how we see and feel our surroundings mostly focusing on Eastern European scenery. Norma was ignited by the re-emerging street photography movement but we are not afraid to explore other areas of photography or apply this visual language in non-conventional ways. We created this traditional web space because we felt that besides our Instagram presence we would need a different form of showcasing our past and ongoing projects and portfolios.

We have been working together since 2014, but we are looking forward to the future—a future that, from today’s perspective, could be crazier than ever.

Norma is Balázs Varga, Attila Gölöncsér, Norbert Farkas, Dominik Pegler.


2024-02-03: Balázs Varga: “It’s hard to dance in chains” / “Nehéz láncban táncot járni” (, Hungarian)

2023-02-21: Norbert Farkas: Hódít a busószelfi – így búcsúztatták a telet Mohácson (, Hungarian)

2022-07-14: Article in Újművészet about Balázs’s Liminality exhibition (, Hungarian)

2021-02-21: Dimitris Makrygiannakis talks with Dominik Pegler (

2020-12-01: Interview with photographer Balázs Varga (

2020-10-29: Balázs Varga: “I Didn’t Take a Pill in Ibiza” (

2020-08-09: “You have no subject? Take a photo on the street!” (, Hungarian)

2019-04-30: Balázs Varga: “The absurd, injection-molded and lonely world of the may fests” (, Hungarian)

2017-10-12: Interview with Norbert Farkas (

2015-06-28: Attila Gölöncsér: The Traveling Yashica (


2022-06-17 - 2022-08-08: Balázs Varga: “Liminality” (Solo exhibition @ Fortebolt-Dokubrom, Budapest)