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  • Dominik Pegler: Sectors

    Exploration by dividing a place into smaller pieces; this started in 2018 and is still ongoing.

  • Balázs Varga: Liminality

    In anthropology, liminality means the transitional phase connecting/dividing two stages or spatial processes. In this personal project I am looking back on my life up to this point, and realize a multitude of dividing lines standing out.

  • Balázs Varga: Doom City

    Scenes from a half imaginary, half real place.

  • Norbert Farkas: Sad Seconds

    This series tries to record moments of everyday life in which sadness is felt as an individual emotion, with personal obligations and exclusive reactions.

  • Dominik Pegler: Common Triggers

    This is a first glimpse into an ongoing project.